The story behind Richard J Falcon Jr.


Richard J Falcon Jr started his musical career in High School. After high school, Richard was in a band called Privacy. Richard would later join the band Impact, which was a cover band signed under Cheyenne West Entertainment. Impact would change its name to Savior-Fare, and then Affliction. Richard would tour the mid-west circuit for the next 12 years.


Richard Falcon studied classical music under Bob Burchett and later would have a master classical guitar class under Robert Bluestone, who, at the time, was up for a Grammy for classical music. Richard would write jingles for businesses and help bands in the area produce their own music.


In the 90s, Richard was signed under Hill Top Records and American Records as a song writer. Richard would later work on his degree in music performance, at which time he earned 5 music awards and 3 academic awards. Richard started to write instrumental music around 1995, and in 2000, was signed with Carefree Records under Raymond Peck. In 2001, Richard would sign an independent label, Damage Records and produced his first CD, Send Angels.


Send Angels (2001) would soon be aired on public radio stations around the world. Send Angels was also featured on the NPR show “Just Plain Music”. Send Angels went on to sell 10 thousand CDS and downloads. Richard Falcon would also sign with Music Oven, a company that would supply doctor’s offices and businesses atmosphere music. Talia Falcon, Richard’s daughter, is featured in the opening song, “Tears of love”. While signed, the producers wanted Richard to come out with a more New Age sound CD. Richard would produce his second CD, Moon Dance


Moon Dance (2003) also received recognition with radio stations around the world. Shades of classic in Winnipeg, Canada soon started the CD on their active playlist. Richard Falcon would sign with BMI music to collect royalties from the music being aired all over the world. Richard would sign with two production companies, one in the US, Club Round Table Productions and one in the UK, Raptor Productions.  Richard would start working on his 3rd CD, which was entitled Creation.


Creation (2005) was a collaboration of artists throughout the mid-west. Jessica Tarman Evans, who was a music major and went to school with Richard, would co-write one of the songs on the album. John and Kira Evans also appeared on the CD, as well as Mary Ann Chabaan and Steve Generuex. Tadyn Falcon, Richard’s son, is featured in the opening song, “Ascension”. Creation was featured on Rum radio and Portugal Jazz review magazine. Richard would sign under Talent Match for management. Richard Falcon would then produce his 4th CD, Trinity.


Trinity (2009) was a change in direction with more of an urban sound. Richard would professionally produce a video for the song Adoption, and the song would appear around the world on radio stations. Tevyn Falcon, Richard’s youngest son, is featured in the video as are Tadyn and Talia Falcon. Richard would sign contracts for distribution in 2400 stores around the world and on 70 different downloads across the world, with companies such as I-Tunes, Sony Music, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify, Netflix, and X-box music. Richard would then produce his 5th CD, A New Age In Jazz.


A New Age In Jazz (2013) is a lot different than the past CDS. The music has a different sound and feel. The CD would be featured on radio stations worldwide. Richard Falcon would go on to produce merchandise, videos for past songs and continues to write instrumental music for years to come. The business has grown over 15 years.


Angel's Cry (2016) this is the 6th CD from Richard Falcon. This CD has 20 songs! Features 4 new videos, The music is much more diverse than other releases. Songs like "My Vision (maybe love)". show off the modern approach to instrumental music. You will find that there is no other sounds like this CD. Richard Falcon is now receiving royalties from all distributions. So take a listen.

Finale 2020 (2021), this is the 7th CD from Richard Falcon. This CD has 17 songs with videos to come later. There is a lot of diversity in this CD. The song "My Mind" has progressive string movements and soft layering vocals. There is more singing in the CD. The song "Mindfulness" is a great song to put on the headphones and close your eyes. Nu Jazz is also a twist in the jazz era. 


Richard  Falcon comes from a family of musicians. Richard was adopted into a wonderful family who raised him with Latin music and rock. Richard’s birth family comes from a line of famous musicians. Richard has a bloodline to the composer Johann Strauss Jr. Music has always come natural to Richard and he continues to share his God given gift with the world. Richard combines modal music and moods to create his instrumental music. Richard continues to play in Cabarets, school musicials and supports the local theater. If you would like to know more about Richard and his music, go to "contact".