Send Angels - the begining

How did the instrumental music begin?

When I was still with the band Affliction I was signed under several record companies as a song writer, Hill Top Records and Amerirecords. I had written several songs for these companies to try to sell to other artist. in 1995 I was approached by a producer who wanted me to write instrumental music. I sent him about 20 songs in 1997. He then gave it to another producer and in 1999 I was signed with Carefree Records. After a year with Carefree records I was signed under an independant label called Damage Records which I came out with my first CD titled; Send Angels. The songs on Send Angels were the songs that I sent to Carefree records, Damage Records would have four songs from the CD on an active playlist with public radio stations around the world. The first song that I wrote was "Tears of Love (the beautiful rose)".

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