Choosing an album cover

Picking an album cover is never easy, especially when there are so many great pictures to choose from. Thanks to Shealyn Charles for taking on the project, "Lens of Light Photography. The first picture has Shealyn's daughters. the pictures were taking at the historical Boot Hill in Dodge City at the Long branch Saloon. I really liked this picture. there were 2 sets that we really liked but felt it didn't really work for the idea of Finale 2020.

The portrait picture would have been the album cover however we felt that traditionally that is the pretty common for most artist to use this style of pictures. I was taken outside of the Long branch saloon with the 8 string Schecter guitar. We seriously thought about this as the album cover but felt it was too traditional for an album that is not traditional at all. I did use this picture for the back of the album.

We chose the bar scene with Jeff Adams who is a professional piano player and also plays at the Boot Hill Long Branch Saloon. Jeff and I have played in a lot of setting and I have tremendous respect for his talent. Jeff is pouring me a drink. We have never done a cover like this which was different and unique. Again thanks to Shealyn for coming up with her creativeness and capturing a moment in time.

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